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This is a guided tour of the food scene in Denmark. It’s a rich country with 24 dishes per capita, and the cuisine is a mix of Northern European and Mediterranean flavors. The Nordic region has been called “the world capital for food culture”. Foodie-friendly cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Malmo are among […]

We educate why proper nutrition is important

The food options available to us today can be overwhelming and difficult to choose from. This is why we need to educate ourselves on the importance of a proper diet and the benefits of eating healthy. We will give readers a guided tour of what nutrition really is, how it affects our bodies, and how […]

From gluten free and paleo diets to meal kit subscriptions

The food culture in the United Kingdom has changed a lot over the recent years. With new diets and lifestyle trends, people are opting for healthier and more mindful eating habits. One of the most popular changes is a shift towards gluten-free and paleo diets. People are also looking for vegan and vegetarian options on […]

We did a food study

The food study was conducted in order to explore how we share food experiences. We went on a guided tour of the city, visiting a fair number of eateries to learn more about what they have to offer. As we travel around the city, the tour guide helped us make this experience more interesting by […]