At Hungry, Eve Turow-Paul gives a guided tour of the stranger corners of today’s global food culture

In her book, Turow-Paul takes us on a guided tour through the stranger corners of today’s global food culture, where she covers topics like street foods in India, gourmet tacos in Mexico City, and the global restaurant scene.

Eve Turow-Paul is an American journalist who has written for The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and many other publications. Her work has been featured in Best Food Writing 2012: 50 Best Food Stories of All Time.

Turow-Paul is one of the few Americans who have traveled to all six inhabited continents and can speak four languages fluently. She has also written a travel memoir called “Til We Eat Them All.”

Today, globalization and technology have brought us not just a melting pot of ethnicity and cuisine but also a global food culture. In her new book, At Hungry: A Tour of the Stranger Corners of Today’s Global Food Culture , Eve Turow-Paul takes readers on a fascinating journey to explore where eating around the world has turned into an extraordinary cultural experience.

Have you ever been to Morocco? China? Morocco is a country in northern Africa that shares borders with Algeria, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Spain, and Mali. The country is home to an estimated 33 million Moroccans (1). This makes it one of the most populous countries on Earth. China is one of the most populous countries on Earth with over 1 billion people living there (2). China shares borders with North Korea.

Today’s global food culture has brought with it more ways to share food than ever before in history. In this article, Eve Turow-Paul gives you a guided tour of the stranger corners of today’s global food culture by sharing her favorite places to eat around the world, and why they are unique.

Eve Turow-Paul is an award-winning writer, journalist, and journalist-in-residence at the University of California, Berkeley.

For her latest book, Eve Turow-Paul has taken on a new kind of writing project. She’s working on a series of guided tours through the stranger corners of today’s global food culture. In this interview Eve tells us what it’s like to become a guide through food zones around the world and how she hopes these stories can contribute to deeper understanding in our society

Eve is nuanced and thoughtful as she explores food cultures in North Korea and Saudi Arabia. She asks questions about how these nations use their supermarkets to control consumption. And she follows her own journey with curiosity as she begins to explore her own relationship with food.

It’s been a year since Hungry launched the first guided food tour in San Francisco. Since then, their tours have been delivered in over 45 cities around the world, with their best guide yet being Eve Turow-Paul. She shares her perspective on the world of food and dining today and how to navigate it — through her eyes as a writer with a fair amount of experience in writing about food.

Eve has spent time as an investigative journalist, cooking teacher, restaurant reviewer and now, most recently, leading tours for Hungry. In this interview, she talks about what food culture is like today — from where we get our ideas to how we eat them.

Today’s global food culture is chaotic and messy, but the chefs at Hungry strive for an elegant order in their elegant space.