At Hungry, Eve Turow-Paul gives a guided tour of the stranger corners of today’s global food culture

Today, food has become an integral part of global culture, with every country putting its own unique spin on traditional dishes and ingredients. But there are still parts of the world where this cultural exchange is yet to take place—places that remain out of the mainstream conversation about food.

Thankfully, Eve Turow-Paul isn’t afraid to take us inside these culinary unknowns and show us just what we might be missing out on. She’s the host of a new documentary podcast called Hungry, in which she invites listeners to join her as she explores some of the world’s most interesting cultures through their food.

Eve begins her journey in India, taking us straight into the lives and kitchens of people who are involved with or are creating opportunities for India’s traditional gastronomic heritage to become more popular. From here, she takes us to Japan, where she introduces us to an organic producer who sheds light on the local perspective regarding organic farming. Her tour then continues on to Colombia and Guatemala, giving us an intimate look at what foods are traditionally eaten in each country in addition to the more modern ways they’re adapted.

At each stop along her journey, Eve interviews local farmers and chefs as well as members of the communities she’s visiting. By talking with people from different countries about how food is prepared, consumed, and exchanged she allows us to see how it reflects aspects of that society which go far beyond taste. Whether it’s a political issue or an age-old tradition, each story gives us insight into the culture and cuisine of another corner of the world — providing an invaluable window into our ever-changing global food system.

Eve Turow-Paul’s podcast offers a thought-provoking look at how food can tell a story that can explain so much more than just what’s being served on our plate. So don’t miss out — check out her podcast Hungry to explore the stranger corners of today’s global food culture!

Today, exploring food culture is no longer limited to a specific region or cuisine. With access to more information than ever before, people are discovering new flavors, ingredients and culinary practices from around the world. To help navigate these vast culinary horizons, Eve Turow-Paul recently released her new book “Hungry: Navigating the Global. Food System”.

In the book, Turow-Paul offers an in-depth look into today’s global food culture by examining six “stranger corners” of the modern food landscape. She goes beyond simply exploring the basics of well-known dishes and ingredients, delving into topics like “eating for emotional labor” and the immigration issue found in popular restaurant dishes. Through stories from chefs, farmers and cultural innovators that span from Kazakhstan to Israel to New York, Turow-Paul discusses how immigration, ecological change and historic tradition affects our understanding of food. She also addresses ethical dining choices, discussing how sustainable agriculture, fair trade and urban agriculture are shaping cultures around the world.

Through this guided tour, Turow-Paul works to provide an eye-opening exploration of our global food system. By connecting readers with stories that highlight the diverse ways in which we experience food today, she encourages readers to become more aware of where our food comes from and how it creates community and identity.

So whether you’re looking to gain a better understanding of today’s global food culture or simply searching for recipes from around the world, “Hungry: Navigating The Global Food System” offers an informative and enriching look into today’s gastronomy. Despite its title hinting at a focus on hunger issues, Turow-Paul’s book provides an approachable look at food culture that anyone can related to – no matter your home kitchen.